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Provide proper rights to truck drivers of jammu and kashmir : Mir Aabid

ZONAL Secretary Youth National Conference North kashmir Mir Aabid appealed LG kashmir to provide proper security and rights to truck drivers of jammu and kashmir.

He said, during pandemic these drivers put their lives on risk and help in supply of essentials to the people.
Even during scrotching heat in summer when everyone prefer to stay inside they work day and night to provide basic essentials on time to people.

But daily harrassment on Tolls and stoppages which they have to face everyday is condemnable and pathetic. He requested LG of jammu and kashmir to take proper action against this and provide full security to these drivers who are working hard in this situation of pandemic.

He further said, if Government will fail to provide full support and security and basic rights to these drivers we will held a hunger strike at udhampur along with these drivers.