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Providing Guidance And Every Useful Information Through Youtube – Syed Edulogs

“Creating any content and putting it online for public review is not as easy as it sounds. Consistent efforts and precision in creating content is what makes every influencer different”.

Syed Aqib is one such youtuber who, with his tireless dedication towards his ideas and knack for spreading educational information has established a fanbase of more than 7.9k people across his youtube channel “Syed Edulogs”.

Making illuminating and revealing videos about eductional system in J&K and of other states., Syed Aqib Believes in “With Everyone Running Towards Making Youtube Videos It Has Become Very Important To Maintain The Quality Of Content In Videos”. Sharing Informative Videos about education , motivational videos for students , live interactive sessions with the top most qualified teachers of kashmir valley and with Neet/Jee Toppers as well , which is the kind of thing that students need most is what drives traffic and engagement to his channel and he everytime makes sure to share only the Useful content.

Hailing From Chananpora, Srinagar

Syed Aqib is a 20 year old boy, up and coming content creator with most of his videos crossing 5k-10k above mark in views. Courtesy of his informative and useful videos , the audience has constantly increased on his channel.

Anyways putting it simple i only have good thing about Syed Aqib . He has always been a true motivator , supporter and informer to the students . He has uploaded every kind of videos with his true dedication. I personally feel that people especially students should appreciate him for his efforts and encourage him to be more creative and helpful as doing something different and useful for the students on the platform like youtube where most of the people are busy in sharing unny , entertaining contents which may be satisfying for the time being but no longer useful to the students preparing boards and other competitive exams like Neet/Jee.

A Big Shoutout And Thank You To Syed Aqib (Syed Edulogs) who never compromises to share worthy Content .

May Allah(swt) Bless Him