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Rahul Gandhi suggests speeding up random testing for COVID-19 Only strategic approach is the key to defeat the pandemic

New Delhi, April 16, CNS: Former President All India Congress Committee, Rahul Gandhi suggested a strategic approach to defeat COVID-19

Addressing a video press conference on Thursday Rahul Gandhi according to CNS stressed on random testing and said it is only through more and more tests that the virus could be defeated.

He said, “Presently we are right now chasing the disease by testing the known probable cases, which is not a solution”, adding that we need to be ahead of it.

He said that If we have to defeat the virus, we to be ahead of the disease, for which we have to go for extensive testing.

“Only through extensive testing, we can move ahead of the disease and catch it by neck”, he said.

While replying a question on the dealing of the government with the COVID-19 situation Rahul Gandhi said that premature claim of success over the Pandemic will be a disaster.

He said “The opening up of the lockdown needs to be strategic, as once the lockdown is as the virus will strike back, once the lockdown is opened up, if we don’t go for random testing.”

“Lockdown is like a pause button, no solution to COVID-19. It stops the virus for some time. Only increase the testing is the solution. Once lockdown is open the disease will surge again, Rahul Gandhi said.

“There will be a backlash on economy, so strategic steps are needed to counter the issue” he said.

He stressed on the need of decentralizing the coronavirus and give a free hand to states to manage the fight against the virus.

“Center should only formulate the policies and leave it to the states to take over the fight against the pandemic from here”, he said.

Over the problem of millions of stranded migrant workers, Rahul Gandhi suggested to provide them food on weekly basis and direct money transfer into their accounts to enable them to survive the unprecedented situation.

“We have sufficient food grain stocks. Migrant workers should be given rations viz rice or wheat and sugar, and direct money transfer into their accounts, so that they do not starve”, Rahul Gandhi said.

On down trending economy Rahul Gandhi said that there will certainly be a backlash on economy, so strategic steps are needed to counter the issue.

On a question about how the central government is dealing with the pandemic, Rahul Gandhi said that it is not the time to speak about it and once the pandemic is over, I will speak about it.

He said, “Right now we have to be united in the fight against the COVID-19and Congress will continue to extend its constructive support to the government.”

“Congress will continue to give its suggestions, it is upto government to accept those or not,” Rahul Gandhi said.(CNS)