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Ramadan: Cultivating Piety through Worship, Quran, Charity, and Self-Control.

Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon

Allah’s commands, suppressing the desires of the flesh, and emulating the purity of the angels. Praying for oneself, loved ones, and the world of Islam during Ramadan is an excellent way to seek Allah’s forgiveness and blessings.

“Ramadan is the month of blessings. Whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness, and whose end is freedom from fire.” – Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

Bottom line : attaining piety in Ramadan requires a concerted effort to increase acts of worship, recite the Quran abundantly, give to charity, and control one’s behavior and speech. By doing so, Muslims can deepen their understanding of Islam, become more faithful, and develop a stronger connection with Allah.

As the month of Ramadan nears, We await its arrival with cheers, A time of blessings and grace, A chance to seek Allah’s face.

Forgiveness and mercy abound, In this month, a treasure found, Allah’s blessings in great measure, Overflowing with divine pleasure.

Words cannot do justice to express, The inner peace and spiritual caress, That Ramadan brings to our soul, Filling our hearts with a glow.

O Ramadan, we eagerly await, The arrival of your blessed state, May we be guided on the path of right, And experience the joy of this holy sight

The author holds the following positions:
•Educational Columnist •Motivational Speaker •Associate Editor of the weekly ‘Education Quill’ •Senior EDP Head at DD Target PMT in Kashmir, which is a reputed institute for medical/JEE/Foundation Coaching Classes. Insta id UBI9305i