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Role of volunteers in donating blood.

By Maqsood Nawab

Have u ever dream  about being a superhero to have all those abilities just to be able to help someone wouldn’t it be great to see someone smiling just because you saved his life? You feel cherished to be a superhero in your society.

The purpose of donating blood is to ensure an adequate supply of blood for accident victims, needing it for surgery or those suffering from certain diseases as well. Some times donors give blood especially to benefit a particular person, friend or relative other donate blood to get financial assistance but there are unsung heroes in every society that are unpaid & donates blood as a “Sadqaa Jariya” and our religion also teaches us to donate whatever u can help a poor is a donation, Providing financial assistance is a donation, To reach to sick & destitute is a donation means everything, what you can in your society to protect the life and limb of the people is a donation or charity.
     Youth are the cream of the society they should be concerned about the problems faced by our society. We must appreciate the youngsters or volunteers of different NGOs who are working across the globe for this noble cause.
“A single pint can save a life of a single gesture can create millions of smiles”
Youths who are the prey of different phobias or myth busters regarding donating blood causes weakness or any health-related issues is seriously & honestly baseless there are various benefits of donating blood like, It improves mental health, Reduces stress, Lowers risk of cancer.
Helps in reducing heart disease or cardiac arrest & thousands of benefits so it better is to come out from those phobias & ignorance. Each year an estimated 6.8 million people donate blood across the globe & nearly 21 million blood components are transfused each year.

Even in these times of crises created by pandemic doctors are suggesting Youngsters ate blood before getting Covid-19 vaccination. A simple way of saving someone’s life is donating blood. Giving blood is a uniquely powerful act. Effective coordination can dramatically increase its life-saving impact.  Mos t of us want to make a positive difference to the lives of others, people we don’t know, people we may never meet. Thankfully, there’s a simple, safe, and effective way to make the biggest difference of all that is to donate blood.

Doing so is a uniquely powerful act. The blood you give could save the life of a woman suffering birth complications, revive and sustain a child with severe anemia, facilitate urgent surgery, or provide critical support during a public health crisis.  It is a gesture made all the more significant given blood’s core components are yet to be synthesizeda king voluntary donation one of the most basic expressions of human solidarity possible.

By donating blood we the educated young ones can bring a change and can bust rumours and  myths about donating blood. If we want to change society, we have to start from ourselves.  So be a volunteer, be a blood donor and help strange ones to save their lives in times of difficulties and get the countless prayers from them and reward from Almighty too.

Let’s pledge to be a committed blood donor and encourage your friends, family members to donate blood.
   “Bring a life back to power “

     The writer is a social Activist & a volunteer of Blood Donor’s Kashmir & can be reached at