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Saloora shows keen concern for Ganderbal, requests people to stay attentive.

COVID-19 gains speed, spreading very fast now.

Mir Showkat

Expressing deep concern over the repid increase and all round spread of deadly Corona virus infection, Saloora has erged people of Ganderbal to strictly adhere with all the health and administrative advisories being issued from time to time.

Saloora said it was a good feeling the way Covid-19 spread was controlled in District Ganderbal till few days back, but now consistent 3-4 cases on daily basis rings the alarm of sadness and despair among the residents.

Saloora appealed people saying “it is my hometown and the people are my own family. I would never wish to see anyone contracting this deadly virus. So I’m making my handfold request to all to please follow all the health advisories besides observing social distancing, proper hand washing, use of sanitizers and wearing of face masks whenever anyone needs to go out of his/her home”.

Saloora said, whole world is facing the worst effect of this global pandemic and economies are shattered but humans would rise again to the top levels only when they survive. So it’s the time to prioritise life and better health and other things would be coped up with later on.

Saloora said the people of Ganderbal are very sensible and he’s sure that people will do their best to control the spread of COVID-19 the way they did it on previous occasion.

He added that as per the WHO, Covid-19 2nd phase is more deadly and so we need to be extra cautious and well focussed to defeat this pandemiec over and over again.