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SELF…at loss

By | Afroza Hamid

Each morning we thank Almighty for bestowing us again with life after the transitory death i.e., sleep. We get ready for the daily course, completing the chores, attending to our respective duties. We connect with our relatives, friends and family members stationed distant to us, we confirm if they are safe, healthy and happy. We share our pleasure and pain and discuss the current affairs of our lives as well as out of our life.

The most common topic of our conversations remains the present pandemic, yes, talking of coronavirus. Many times we grow jittery while at times it becomes a famous meme as well. Suddenly cough or sneeze, and the folks around pamper you saying “CORONA’ mujhse dur RAHO NA.”It’s said though in light spirit But once the coughing turns persistent, it gives a chance to the elderly people to bomb at you the unstoppable and unfathomable taunts.

The horizon of life is reduced for this deadly virus is spreading so fast and engulfing the length and breadth of the earth making a hell of a life.
The way coronavirus has created panic and fear in mankind, the authorities at national as well as global levels have come under the common banner to defeat this tyrant enemy of mankind. The whole world is concerned about this pandemic and taking every possible measure to control and combat it. I, personally, love this fellow feeling among the nation as well as internationally and soak in the feeling of oneness among the whole human race. We all get pained when we hear about anyone testing positive and being quarantined for immediate assistance and treatment. We pray for their wellness as we feel some inherent pain of losing a fellow between us, we don’t actually wish the loss of any innocent human life irrespective of their gender, region, religion and the like. All we know that is we are the subjects of one deity sharing the common sun and the common rain. This COVID19 has somehow unified us, for we have put up a joint fight against it. Though it doesn’t know the limitations of borders, economic stratification or the potential of a territory, rather it gulps all with indiscriminate invasion. And this makes me wonder why do we unite to fight back only against the neutral enemies.
We are so shameless, really, all of us are. When we can’t fight singlehandedly an enemy, we seek unity, we beg, we appeal, we do each and every possible measure to safeguard ourselves, our territories. We wish the same for our neighbours as well when we know if they are infected we will also get affected, thus, forgetting about our sour ties with them. We don’t remember this, however, before or after the pandemic. We would again be at daggers to each other. Always in search of opportunities to pull the other down. We hate and condemn in reciprocal.

Why this drama then, faking unity in NATURAL  CALAMITIES only. Why this concern and mutual summits when we know at heart we no more wish well about one another. We are hypocrites and have wavering faiths. Our words and deeds never are the same. All we intend is to grow popular and earn accolades for doing nothing concrete. We don’t deserve an iota of applause for we revert back to our original self once the tide dies down. We roar because the world is roaring otherwise we prefer slumber when cruelty reigns the scene. We are hand in glove is this mess created by a faction of us backed by the rest of us. 
We have floods, we have earthquakes, we are accepting as well as donating aides….as a sign of solidarity….but wait…where does this solidarity go then once we are calamity free…we then become a calamity for each other, causing bloodbath, sabotaging life and property of our own brethren wreaking havoc in our communities as well as in neighbouring ones, we forget our very identity of being human.

We de-shelter scores, we kill, we propagate terror not by error but deliberately. We ruin peace and reign bodies. We no more behave HUMANEly, yes we indulge in devilish pursuits and enjoy the demolition of fellow human races with a wide grin. Yet we pretend to be sincere, kind hearted and social. We are the meanest beasts in the garbs of fair etiquettes. We fake humanity when we have wronged worse than the devil. We have lost our social consciousness. And ironically we propagate the things we never implement on ourselves. We preach humanity while butchering the very humane self residing in us. We propose generosity when we fleece our own brethren of a dignified life. We seek unity when we reign lands by causing the communal divides. We scream of compassion and compensation when we murder the innocence and freedom of our own folks.

Yet we fake care. We may befool the world but can’t befool our own conscience. We know we are the lost selves, the hollowed moulds only…So I pity us.
What worse loss can occur to us when we have lost our own identification, being HUMANE …AND what calamity can befall us when we befall on one another…
There is no LOSS as huge as the loss of ‘HUMANE SELF’…

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