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Shujaat Bukhari’s assassination reveals that he was a mouthpiece of his Conscience

Noor Ul Shahbaz

People carrying a dead body on the shoulders of a well known veteran journalist, founding editor of Rising Kashmir (a Srinagar based Newspaper) and President of Adbee Markaz Kamraz (a cultural and literary organization in Kashmir) towards his last place of abode at his native village Kreeri Pattan, Baramulla. The cause of his death was not disease, illness, any road accident but a well planned and executed assassination of a strong voice and whose motive was going to be executed and who executed it still remained a quest.

On 14th of June 2018 (Thursday) in Srinagar city at Press Colony after an abrupt chaos, bullet riddled bodies in SUV revealed the shock. A pious soul-voice of people, kind and gentle human being lying in a pool of blood outside his office. His family was waiting for him on Eid-ul-Fitr and going to celebrate as others do. They did not know that taking him to the hospital was just a formality as the eye-witneses at the incident sight were aware about it. The number of mourners at his native village next day reflected his persona, his being generous, his attachment with the people, his being generous towards the victimized people. Every shade of the society was present to pay homage to their fellow being whom they loved. His kith and kin were in a shock as the death was sudden and without any cause for them. They were expecting his presence on Eid Ul Fitr with them and some were waiting for sharing of Eid wishes and it proved just opposite i-e, disaster in their lives.

To whom I shall blame, the one who was not satisfied with his certain revelations of truth or those who forced him to do an act what they want upto their satisfaction of vested motives. Both cases justify the independent existence of a brave hearted and powerful journalist who neither feared to reveal the truth and its consequences nor became subject of dictations by others. He is the best example of “media as a fourth pillar of democracy and media as a fourth organ of government”. His assassination reveals that Shujaat Bukhari—a mouth piece of his conscience. He proved to be the voice of victimized kashmiris and was really a “Rising Kashmir”. His insight was far away towards the goal which is yet to be fulfilled. It was his dream to lay sound and strong foundations of the journalism in Kashmir and throughout his life he worked hard towards this endeavor. He is not a lost son, father, brother and husband to his family but alone but this motherland also lost his son in a real sense.

It is not only his case but this motherland is losing its dearest sons day-in and day-out and this bloodbath is going on. The sacrifices will yield fruits InSha Allah.
I had a chance to meet the luminary when I was with my uncle Late Haji Jalal-U-Din dar sb at Sagipora-Pohrupeth bus stop on Sopore-Kupwara highway on the arrival of some Minister. The bond of connection between both of them revealed to me their stature, and is presently encouraging me to pay tributes to both legends. When I looked towards him, the first sight of my eye was hi “HAT” and then realized through different newspapers, articles, magazines, social media posts that wearing of hat was his hobby, but till date could not find a sound reason why? Shujaat Bukharai and alike journalists, writers across the globe leave this world for a cause and their indefatigable efforts towards a genuine cause of upliftment of people consciously lasts forever—as it is a mission and not an end itself. From a ground reporter to an insightful editor, meticulous manager, popular publisher, outstanding orator, credible columnist, and a peace propagator, he proved his worth and deserves a grand salute and tributes. May Almighty rest him in peace and bestow on him his mercy….Aameen.

(Lecturer and former acting Principal at Sopore Law College)

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