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So called Peace by Peace Making bodies

Dar Azhar | Opinion

After world war 1st (1914 to 1918), millions of people along with soldiers died, besides the economy collapsed and millions were down and out. Taking such devastation in light the leaders of the powerful countries called for the meeting to control such destruction which led to the formation of League Of Nations in 1920, which however remained abortive to control the tension between countries and led towards world war 2nd(1939 to 1945), in which half of the population of the world died and for the first time the atom bomb was used.

Anew, powers of the world got in great tension, that if the world war 3rd took place the whole world would get devastated and called for an emergency meeting to make a permanent body, to protect the world from such holocaust wars not to come-off again in future and leads to the formation of United Nations in 1945.
“We are determined to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind”: the opening words of the United Nations Charter signed in June 1945.
Soon after the UN came into existence, tensions between the countries began to calm down but not eradicated thoroughly because of the mutual interests among countries.
China which is a veto power in UNSC has been a very close ally of Pakistan due to which both countries support each other directly or indirectly for their mutual interests. It was because of these interests that China initially safeguarded Azhar Masood from being called a global terrorist. China has always supported Pak on Kashmir issue and called for a United Nations Security Council(UNSC)for an exclusive meeting over the Kashmir issue, which fan the flames of terror. Apart from that, France didn’t attempt to discuss Kashmir’s issue at UNSC for their interests with India. while from the other side, there are atrocities on the Uighur Muslims in China, over which other countries have articulated and condemned against these brutalities but Pak being as Muslim country had never been antagonistic to China against such barbarity, due to its vested interests.
After the 9/11 terror attacks, the US began its operations against terror groups in Afghanistan by deploying its troops. In the 18 years of war in Afghanistan from 2001 against the Taliban, thousands of civilians and terrorists as well as 3000 US soldiers got killed, but could not destroy the Taliban thoroughly. The war which the US has been fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban from the last 18 years, has now fruitlessly come to an end. US President Donald Trump signed a deal with the Afghan Taliban to end the war and return his troops by the Nov 2020 Presidential elections and is the first US president believed to speak with the militant group directly. For the coming elections to make the people of his country believe and realize that I have been accomplished in bringing back the troops and have settled the long-lasting war in Afghanistan. But on the other side, there is no guarantee that the Taliban would maintain peace and stop making terror attacks.
There is being bombing and airstrikes on a daily basis in Palestine, Burma, Iran, yamen, which homicides hundreds of people including children, but the UN has failed to take action against countries involved. In reality, the succeeding generations are neither being saved nor protected from the scourge of war. There are great tensions among countries that can lead to the destruction of states, but the UN has been playing no positive role to control the crises across the world. The veto powers of the world are bounded by the mutual interests with other countries and decisions are carried out in favour of their own countries.
On Trump’s visit to India, there was already a Chaos in Northeastern parts of Delhi over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), over which peaceful protests were staged, particularly by the Muslim community as they had the fear of losing citizenship. During President’s visit, these peaceful protests turned into communal violence and culminated in clashes between pro CAA and Anti-CAA supporters, which left 56 people dead and hundreds injured.
US is the superpower Nation, as well as veto power, has great responsibilities in bringing peace to war-torn countries. But after Trump’s visit to India, the US has proved that they didn’t have any interest in delivering peace to countries. Despite talking with the PM Modi about the ongoing situations in the country, President Trump enjoyed his visit with PM Modi, which is utterly disgraceful for such a responsible country that is bounded with such State interests.
The countries need to sort out internal issues peacefully without making them great concern for the whole world. The issues which a country is not able to solve then become an issue to discuss on a global level, like The Kashmir issue which has always been remained a Bone of contention between the two neighbouring countries India and Pakistan, has not only made the Amorosity between the two neighbouring countries but also affects the development of both the countries.

There are also other ongoing tensions between o

countries like Turkey and Syria, Turkey and Russia which can any time lead to unexpected Turmoil.
The UN, whose work is to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony among nations, has been affected by the National Interests of such countries, needs to carry work as per the UN Charter signed on 26 June 1945, which later came into force on 24 October 1945 and must follow the opening words of the UN charter.

Author’s name is Inshallah Azhar and pen name darazhar. He has completed bachelor’s in mass com.