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Sopore Always Being Neglected On Every Front, Seems We Are In 1970s : Councilor Irfan Ali


Sopore: A historic town ‘Sopore’ once known as a ‘Chota London’ is always being neglected on every front, it seems we are still in the 1970s, says Councilor Irfan Ali.

According to Inside Kashmir Correspondent, Irfan said, The people of Sopore town must ask for their rights as the town is being neglected all the time.

The unfortunate part is, that despite being in the 21st century, Sopore looks like a town of ancient times. A top healthcare institution is without a head, Irfan said.

“Patients are suffering, the hospital is suffering but no one cares about it, neither the UT administration nor the healthcare department cares about it”, Irfan added.

He appealed to the UT administration and district administration to appoint the Block Medical Officer (BMO) at SDH Sopore at an earliest and save people from daily sufferings.