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Stray Dogs on Prowl in North Lolab,, Causing Fear and Terror

 Noor Ul Hasan Andrabi

Stray dogs have created havoc and lashes terror in north Lolab.A delegation from North Lolab including Khurhama, Kuligam, Shallgund, Krusan Saiwan and it’s adjacent areas decried over dog menace in their localities.

We can’t move after Magrib prayer and it causes us to fear due to canine and we feel the population of canines are growing said this delegation to the reporter. Residents of the said areas alleged that due to overpopulation of canines the old age people fear to move and did not want to go Masjid fearing due to dog menace.

In last month dogs attacked several people and injured them but some escape miracally, Our children’s fear to move out during the day as these dogs have taken Road’s, streets. The authorities seem in deep Slumber and they didn’t take any major action to tackle this menace.The delegation also told that We are requesting to the authorities please wake up from this deep Slumber and do something miraculous for us.