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By Junaid M Wani
OPINION Columnist

Novel Corona has engulfed almost every corner of the world without discriminating anyone on
the bases of caste, creed, colour religion or gender. It has proven to be drastic with over 82,000
deaths and seems craving towards the decline of the economy of the world. All the developed, super
power nations have failed to hamper the spread coronavirus till now and look impuissant in front
of it. The entire world has been disturbed because of this unattainable virus, everywhere there is
an atmosphere of fear and stress. Along with the whole world, this virus has also been timorous
in Kashmir halting the normal life, business, schools each and everything.

Till now, Kashmir has
witnessed 2 deaths and above 90 cases with one patient fully recovered and there are thousands
who are under observation. Highly applaud the ones who stayed in the quarantine and isolation
for some time to cross the incubation period of the coronavirus.
Kashmir reported its first death from a Hyderpora resident who belonged to a Tablighi Jamaat
and had recently returned from a Tablighi event held in Delhi. If on the one hand his death
created an atmosphere of panic and fear among the masses of Kashmir but on the other side
some pessimists began to raise voice against the Tablighi Jamaat. This is quite clear that every
the decision belongs to Allah and nothing can happen without the consent of Almighty Allah. He is
the one who decides the life and death of any creature on earth. It is wrong to say that the group is
responsible for the spread of the virus in Kashmir and to blame them is not any wisdom. You know
what there was no Tablighi jamaat member or any such event in Wuhan.the epicentre of this
virus, the place where this virus emerged. This virus reached to all parts of the world U.S.A,
Italy, Iran, Japan etc but everywhere this virus was not spread by Tablighi Jamaat
members. Coronajihad was one of the trending topics on twitter with some communalists fuelled
the denunciation parade, warning of a disaster of gigantic proportions from the criminal
negligence. Yes, the Nizamuddin event shouldn’t have taken place when a pandemic was
claiming lives by thousands but the manner in which it was cynically exploited on social media
had single aim i,e to give it a communal colour. There were many such events after the lockdown in India which I don’t want to mention as you may be well aware of those but only this
Tablighi Jamaat made rounds on social media, television and twitter. This is just a pandemic from the Almighty Allah to lessen the number of sins which has piled up in galore in the world and to remind the humans that there is a supreme power in front of whom no other supreme power can
compete in any aspect. As the whole world has united to fight against the coronavirus and researchers are on work to find a cure for the deadly virus but here people are busy in
communalising this issue.

Social media was flooded with the posts castigating the Tablighi jamaat
for the spreading of the coronavirus even in Kashmir.Instead of spreading a message of hope and positivity among the folks, people are busy in making statements antagonistic to this Tablighi jamaat and further disturbing the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic missionary movement that aims to urge Muslims to return to their
religion as it was practised during the tenure of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and arose a feeling of Islamic rituals in them. They visit all places of the world and spread the message and
teachings of Islam and Prophet Muhammad(SAW).It is focused on purifying the Muslim faith. They leave their homes.their families aside and leave to different parts of the world only to uplift and purify the Muslim faith and invite them towards the teachings of Islam and Prophet
Muhammad SAW. Is this pious work they are doing the fault of these Tablighi jamaat members?
Further, let me tell you that people are getting cured of the virus in large numbers.

Recently, the Khanyar women who were the first case of coronavirus in Kashmir was discharged from hospital as she tested negative, 103 years old women recovered from the disease in Iran,93 years old and
88 years old Kerala couple recovered from the COVID. Further, there are a lot of positive instances
to discuss. So, the lesson we must acquiesce from this is that nothing can happen without the consent of Allah. People nowadays have pivoted themselves from the real issues which should be discussed and are busy in communalising and spreading Islamophobia and that’s the
reason Allah is doing all this and sending these pandemics over us which has resulted in halting
the life and worldly things. So concluding with this that we must resist ourselves from blaming
the Tablighi Jamaat for all this disaster and ask for forgiveness to Almighty Allah as whatever is happening with this virus in the world, all is in the hands of Allah. Keep yourself indoors, make less use of social media boost your immunity to fight infection better, follow government orders and most important is” TURN TOWARDS ALLAH” and pray for the whole Muslim ummah.

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Views expressed in this opinion are the writer’s own.