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The criminal states of the world.(America & Israel)

By Shahbaz Rashid Bhoru

A state founded in 1948 on an extreme sense of religious cum centuries laden race superiority, prejudisitic outlook, and satanic ideological trap for the whole world especially for the Muslim world in 1948 was Israel. 

The international community, by and large, endorsed the creation of Israel in the heart of the Arab world, committed an international crime. UNO was created only for sanctioning the proposal for this purpose. It was stated at the time of the creation of Israel that the international community is in support of Israel. The international community in modern parlance belongs to the western countries and their allies and not to the third world countries, a term coined by historian Alfred sauvy “referring to countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc during the Cold War”.But in our view the core of third world countries is the middle east where the west is playing a game of bloody war, west’s foreign policy is working there, their military bases are located there, their all war weapons are showing might there and it seems that their all cabinets have become privacy council for the middle east. 

A common question arises here that why the western world is so much concerned about the third world? Why they don’t employ themselves in solving their sea of problems? Why their angle of inclination is only towards the middle east and other Asian countries? Why they are supporting all war criminals? Reasons may be different in different minds but one main reason at which I am also in agreement i.e religious s identities has become the primary source of international conflict. Religious extremism is emerging continuously and the world is not in a position to combat this escalating phenomenon. America-led block headed by Donald Trump is a major threatening tide to world peace. India and Pakistan’s problematic issues are also adding fuel to the already emerging chaotic situation. America-led alliance’s interference in the Muslim countries especially Arab states is signaling the threat of coming war. The fragile political structure of the world is fracturing the moral ethos of humanity. Morality I think can on its own, commence multidimensional arrays of perfection but can not remain in its stable state without stable and truthful political support. International politics is run by those countries where morality has lost its footing. 

America-led alliance is having a realistic outlook. America’s recent comments and actions in support of Israel portraying its extremist way of behavior towards Palestine issue. last year development of the Trump administration about the moving of embassy was quoted by the Times magazine as; TThe he “U.S. Speeds Up Timetable for Moving Embassy to Jerusalem “.Now America is supporting Israel in getting recognition from all the Arab countries, making an open room for Israel to get fatter by the annexation of Palestinian lands on daily basis and removing all the hurdles in way of greater Israel. Why the president trump and their administration is in a serious hurry for such moves? Because they believe in the return of Christ, whose coming back is based on the idea that unless Jerusalem will not become the capital of Israel, they will not be able to build the temple mount. Unless the greater Israel is not carved out Temple mount can not be build and unless the temple mount is not built Jesus will not return. That is the reason why America is bent upon to help and assist practically Israel. The illegal occupation of Palestine did not happen accidentally but resulted as an outcome of centuries-long propaganda and planning. Crusaders handcuffed by Jews were carried to exercise onslaught on Palestine. I am not here suppose to review the colonial history of Israel, which will be briefly put in text in the second part of this article but trying to arouse a feeling of humane movement of emotional uprising towards all the terror hit innocent humans without the distinction of religion or any sect. Judge the case of Israel according to any constitution of the world and then get the final solution. The solution will be in the favour of Palestinians. But it is the tragedy of humane behavior that the few extremists are running the world and breaching the constitutions of their lands. Common people want to lead a simple life. 

They are not concerned with power and hegemony, but few criminals are perhaps born to wage war against humanity It is also the ethereality that the rulers are on the religion of their Commons. Common people have estranged themselves from the real discourse of life, they have become the passengers of the seanicanic path and followers of their rial desires. That is the reason everywhere in the world tyrant are ruling, making policies, and implementing them. Which president of the world has done a commendable job for world peace? Democracies have lost their meaning because the democratic system in its nature is not in a position to remain resilient and resistant to the political upheavals disturbing world peace. The state of Israel established in 1948, declared itself as a Democratic state.

It is written in the preamble of the constitution of Israel ;”It will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex: It will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education, and culture: and it will safeguard the holy places of all religion”.What has been done by the state of Israel to Palestinians is an open story of brutal colonialism. Where is equality and freedom which is enshrined in its constitution? Woe to the all criminal states of the world.