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The essence of Education is not the calculation of profits rather is mystery and Quest of facts and phantasies

Student as a human being is endowed with the active reason which distinguishes him from all other parts of nature.

By | Noor Ul Shahbaz

The character and nature of a child can be portrayed as per the wishes of the guide. The imbibing nature of retention or assimilation of the verbal or non-verbal communication by a child is the natural tendency within him to grasp the knowledge. The susceptibility of affliction at a tender age can not be ignored if the free hand is given to children. This reflects the universalised authoritative rule of educational systems where the students are trained to achieve their aim after following a strict disciplined way of their educational life. The student is streamlined by circumscribing his free will to an extent although that is the time during which his mind is illuminated by the application of different methodologies.

Educational institutions are the places which open the ways for the bright future of our society. The dawn of real-life begins from an educational institution and is the beginning of one’s dreamful journey. The mysteries of facts and dealings with the quest of phantasies are the elements which can be inculcated in a student at an earliest stage of his life and the educational institutions are congenial places for that. Here we must not ignore the responsibility of parental care and the environment provided to a child at home; both are supplementary and complementary to each other, school vis-à-vis home. A product is admitted within your encompass, you as a teacher are authorised to shape the product and you can portray him as you wish by your skilful experiences. The contention of “characteristics” that must be present in your product can not nullify the notion of making him at least a responsible human being besides achieving for him the titles of a doctor, engineer, advocate, astronaut, scientist, economist etc for which you have laid down strict criteria of having requisite characteristics resembling those titles. The ultimate end which the student never fixes for himself rests on the shoulders of a teacher. The aim of achieving a title which can remunerate your product after completion of his studies is distinct from the ultimate goal of him as a “being” in this physical world because he is distinct from other creatures of Almighty and is endowed with an active reason which distinguishes him from all other parts of nature, he is capable of forming his will in accordance with the insight of his “reason”. This distinction should be paid close attention so that the mission of nation-building is achieved and not the manufacturing of materialistic products which can go to any extent and spoil not only the society but also the educational institutions termed as “Danish-Gah”.

The primary responsibility lies on those who are under authority to save our precious institutions from their conversion into materialistic industries. No one can deny the fact that there is a great shift from the dissemination of education by the aid and assistance of present educational institutions and those in earlier times. Also, there is a shift in the syllabi, shift in the teacher-student relationship, shift in the status of a teacher, shift in the notion of an obedient student and most particularly shift in the ultimate objective of education. As I can sum-up some writing of Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal on this notion as:“This age that’s with us is your angel of death,             Its bread and butter cares to catch your soul’s breath.             

And the schools hid from them those mysteries,             

That yield to hill’s and deserts still assize”.
“God bring you acquainted with some storm!No billow in your sea break in foam.And never from books can you be weanedWhich you declaim, not comprehend”.
“No dearth of lettered men, ah few! ProvideThe bowl with the wine of gnosis like a true guideThe ways of teachers do not expand the heart,Matchstick can not light to electric lamp impart”.
“The teaching that the English have devised,Gainst faith and ties has great intrigue contrivedThat race is doomed to bondage and much painWhich justice for its ego can’t attain”.The teaching-learning process in educational institutions can not estrange a student from the bond of societal connection. One of the misfortune as per my analysis is that the student product of present educational system revolves around the concept of solitary rather it should focus on the lessons of solidarity. The individualistic pattern of behaviour inculcated within him is an adverse instinct both hazardous for him as well as for the society. The design of his mindset mainly focusses on the self-centric goal which has to be achieved and we all know that the present age has trapped breathe our soul and what has remained with us____bread and butter (fiqr-e-maeash). No one can trace who and how has influenced or hijacked the “shaheen” of Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal and the treasure of real knowledge from our educational institutions. Why are we unable to produce the assets for our human race? We although at times we’re able to govern the living and non-living beings. Oh! Presently I, you and we are also beings and can not govern a family not only our family but our own self.Conclusion: Our educational institutions including the teaching community are far behind (either by their own selfish ends or by the intended subversive policy of the authorities) to lead towards the goal which is to be achieved.

The faculty of the reason of a student must be given the direction as he is endowed with a special character of imbibing nature. An educational institution has to expand its horizons of teaching-learning methodology and insertion for the syllabi essential for all-round development of the student most particularly which focuses on the self-realisation of him as a human being. Worthiness lies in best experience and it must be utilised to flourish the imbibing character of a student at an earliest possible stage.

(MA, LL.M GOLD MEDALIST)Lecturer and former acting Principal at Sopore Law College
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