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The Gap must be filled

By | Khan BilaL

Well, some uncountable initiatives and steps are being taken by the govt to strengthen Its roots and turn it to well-shaped governance. As we too are familiar with hundreds of schemes and programs that are being run under Govt at different times but factually there is very less number of such initiatives that either getting some fame or significance at the trio levels of a democratic govt.

Despite several announcements that are being made either through print or electronic media about kinds of governmental approaches to its people then why the major section of society can’t either come across them or left deprived. To me there is perhaps no need to ascertain the major cause that won’t let this section to get their share, Rather the reason is quite clear and naked and to me, it’s no other than the obstinate and hypocritical attitude of those chairs who are supposed to perform this work in this manner that can maintain the principles of justice and equality enshrined in the same constitution which has been emphasising govt since its existence to frame such policies along with other policies which can support it’s people economically, politically and socially as well.A number of strategic policies has been designed since onset but unfortunately, they never have gotten their sole purpose and for what they have been designed for. The misery and unfortunate truth are that those who are part of governance and evolved in implementing these programs they either come under the influence or prefer those first whom they have developed some kind of friendly connections or other relations.Eventually, In this way, they place them at the top number or in specified categories that ultimately gives them special privilege throughout this entire journey. And in this way those who were deserving it both lawfully and on humanitarian grounds as well, left deprived and handicapped.I have been bearing witness of such cases/situations that have arisen multiple times that while standing in a queue to get our work done at any govt’s office, at the same moment an influential arrived from somewhere and get his task done first, leaving all behind. There are thousand such cases that nobody can deny as a matter of fact and it has turned the status quo now in our state of existence. And when a common especially a rural man Witnessing such situations repeatedly, it eventually leads him to develop mistrust in governance and system, and in this way, a gap has been created in between a common man and govt which results in deplorable condition of a common/rural man and it directly or indirectly has an effective impact on the rural economy.

 It is terribly hard to believe that the bureaucrats who being as mediums  between govt and its people,could play a major role in ending this tradition of influential hegemony with establishing direct contact with common population and could shift this traditional to a new era,are unfortunately working in form not fact. They come to such high standard positions after coming across many prestigious exams and it ultimately gives rise to new dawn especially in the hearts of those who have been suffered from ill-treatment of old one’s since ages that they may bring about the change, they may end the indifferences, they may have some ethics, they may not walk on existing path but undeniable truth is they are more complicated with strange temperament.

Pursing BA Hons political science(3rd sem) at AMU .Author of the book “Apricity Of Pain” 9906773086