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The intoxicating elements in Spiritual land

Adil Salaam

You all will be aware that the torch of Kashmiris spiritual personalities, has been burning in the land of Kashmir for a long time. There is no doubt that in the land of Kashmir, these saints, poets, and spiritual personalities have been very good at spreading Islam and good livelihood in Kashmir. A personality like Amir Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamdani came to this land and shed light on the darkness here and taught Islam in general.

 Sheikh Ul Aalam, who translated whole Quran into Kashmiri language so that his people would understand Islam easily. Lad Ded, a famous poet who by her poetry helped it’s people to make their life beautiful. Many more personalities worked tirelessly for the benefit of Kashmiri Islam. There are thousands of saints in the land of Kashmir, which is why Kashmir is also known as “Pirvaer” (Garden of Saints). 

There have been many ups and downs in the history of Kashmir, be it Islamic or political. Always looking at the history of Kashmir, it seems that these Saints have really done a lot of good to Kashmir and brought Kashmir out of swamps, as if the teachings of these Saints are always kind to us and a beacon for us. But a disease has taken hold in the same land, the consequences of which will probably be forced to bear on many generations to come in Kashmir.Drugs, yes, it is heartbreaking to see the young generation of Kashmir suffering from this disease. Why didn’t it ends? Seeing the way of life, teachings and shields of the simple people, our previous generation had proved its mettle, enlightened its hereafter and lived in the world with dignity and honor. But unfortunately, in the same land, our young ones are falling prey to these poisonous drugs.

The Kashmiri youth is suffering from these poisonous drugs because no conscious person here is ready to do something constructive. However, it is our primary duty to sensitize the suffering youth to get rid of this problem,but no one is ready for this. Another reason for suffering from this disease is that it is a common toxic drug and is available without any complications. Although it is inevitable to save this young generation, because the society is running its own world with its own pleasure and no one is ready to raise a voice against it.

People here are cultivating poppy on their land, despite knowing that they will be caught. But they don’t even know how we are suffocating our own young generation. Despite the government’s best efforts, they are continuing their “poppy cultivation” on their own lands. The society here has fallen to such an extent,In 2019, a raid was carried out by the government in South Kashmir and the production of “poppy” on 233 acres of land was destroyed and the landowners were taken into jails.

Isn’t it our duty to save  Kashmiri youth from this swapm ?
Even during the shutdown and lockdown after India’s decision to revoke the region’s special status on August 5 last year, there was no drop in drug use.According to data available at Srinagar Central Hospital, 3,319 patients were admitted from July to November 2019.The real solution to prevent this epidemic is to prohibit strictly the availability of these drugs, to maintain the dignity of the nation, the economy and the protection of the youth by initiating an investigation into its contractors. The government will have to join hands in this mission to find a solution to these drug deals. Lest the nation should not get destroyed.
The crisis has deepened to such an extent that the Jammu and Kashmir Police has decided to set up a separate helpline to deal with drug use cases. In fact, at a security review meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir state administration, the most important issue which was raised was the easy availability of drugs.

If we had become a true followers to follow in the footsteps of these saints, w might not have been in this position today. The value of their teachings would be that religion and the world would prosper, just as our ancestors did. But by leaving that path and taking this path, we are hitting the axe on our own feet. Were there any shortcomings in their teachings that we are suffering from?There are thousands of such cases coming in Kashmir every year, what is the reason?That is, the reluctance to follow in the footsteps of these saints and their hard work to crown Islam in Kashmir. Their sole purpose was to help the welfare of the people here and they did. 

According to the health department, since the government imposed a nationwide lockdown due to corona virus, drugs such as heroin have been used twice in Kashmir since. This catastrophe is happening in solitude and is not creeping into anyone’s ears.In Kashmir, which is a conflict zone too, these drugs have been on the rise for the last two years and our future is slowly coming to an end.There is no doubt that since the political climate in Kashmir has been in tense, peace and tranquility have been lost in Kashmir and in the midst of all this, the future of the youth is being trampled on. However we are trading these drugs ourselves, knowing that all this will have a very bad effect on the future of our young generation of men and women. But we are still trying to do it all.With this catastrophe, no one in the whole of Kashmir knows how these drugs are having a very bad effect on our youth, nation and economy.
How awareness will be created in the society?Following in the footsteps of these Saints, uplifting their teachings to oneself and others: will be the solution to this epidemic.  

Seminars, Programs are being held on many topics, many organizations are shaking hands with each other. But little attention is paid to the issue that should be given more enough.This is the issue on which the future of our generations depends. If this is not taken into account, a very big issue could arise in Kashmir.Together with these organizations, we must spread the teachings of the saints in the society and if any individual in the society is using these drugs, we should immediately inform the authorities and serve the nation and protect the young generation.