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Junaid Shafi

Global Economy is Experiencing a severe deterioration so is Employment. Unemployment is when someone could word and wants to work but is unable to find a Suitable job or Simply a job. It is the biggest cause of concern because it touches every aspect of life be it Social,Financial,Political.So Increase in unemployment leads to some drastic consequences like suicide,depression,family tension,homelessness,debt,sense of alienation, increase in poverty level and increase in crime level as well. Now as far as Jammu and Kashmir concerned though the unemployment rate less than the national average but almost 23.5% population of having age (18 to 29) are unemployed.

According to Centre of monitoring Indian economy (CMIE) the Jammu and Kashmir has a steady rate of unemployment that is 5.2%.there are lot of factor which are responsible . Firstly prolonged curfews and communication blackout are major reasons of unemployment. According to survey over 4.56 lakh job have been lost from August 5 2019 and it also costs Jammu and Kashmir around 40,000 cr rupees. Secondly lack of well defined industrial sector aggravates the problem. Due to this Apple Industries, Tourism Industries which are the backbone of Jammu and Kashmir economy are performing well below their true potential there plight is beyond imaginable.

Thirdly lack of skill development among youth this is because of our underdeveloped education sector. Fourthly This covid-19 has added fuel to fire. It has impacted almost every sector. Worst hit among are Small-time Traders, street vendors ,Transporters. They find extreme difficulties to earn living. Apart from this new Domicile rules enacted by central government is something which is undesirable move .It has created sense of alienation among youth and they are fearing job losses to increase in coming years.

As Economical growth and unemployment are two sides of same coin that is they are countercyclical that means if economic growth increases unemployment will automatically decrease and vice versa. So for this Jammu and Kashmir needs well defined Industrial Setup as soon as possible. Apart from this village Industrial sector should be Invigorated .Skill development among youth of Kashmir should be encouraged and new avenues for showing there skills should be made available . The recently back to village programs by Jammu and Kashmir government is worth appreciating. AS it will generate employment in rural areas .Apart form this filling up the vacancies in different Departments by gout of Jammu and Kashmir in transparent manner is worth praising .Lastly Youth is the back bone of any nation there contribution and involvement can usher a fresh change for nation building .In my words need of an hours is provide opportunities for youth of Jammu and Kashmir so a sense of encouragement is built among them.

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