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The Philosophy of Evil in Modern Times

By| Shahbaz Rashid Bhoru.

The present high scale crisis in every department of human affairs, threatening the total collapse of human civilization and even the total extinction of a human race, actually is a last and final event in the series of wars against humanity by fool humans. In this structure of mankind, every race of evil has made its successful entry loaded with full might to rip apart the total human civilization. The Modern man with his tools of fallacy is bent upon to waste the thousand years of hard work of his ancestors within no time. If this wrong attitude of man is not combated successfully then, undoubtedly, we are going to become the real victims of impending disasters.
Our world is being run on wrong ideals by evil loaded people. These wrong ideas are just the practical crystallization of man’s ill desires. Man under the effect of imperceptible forces is bent upon to exercise his freedom and liberty in collaboration with wrong ideals. Now he has become the slave of wrong ideals. Man is trying to construct a new civilization according to the requirements of wrong ideals with a novel title of ‘the new world order’ as claimed by the west. West under the influence of the devil started its mission of reshaping the world through the process of colonialism. They became the main sympathizers for the devil’s evil.
Man has lost the essence of humanity. He has completely handed over himself to the decisive network of the devil. Now it has become the most cherished goal of the devil to bring him down to the level of beasts. As per the Holy Quraan in surah Al-Fatir he is a staunch enemy of man….
“Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the Blaze”.Al Fatir 35:6
Man is fulfilling the obligations of the devil’s friendship by following him. Under devil’s influence, man is showing its worst kind of wrath unto his fellow humans. The rulers of the world are losing their humanity under the soils of their own lands. The West is burying its humanity in the lands of Asia and Africa. In Burma, Bhudists are burying their humanity in the graveyards of slain Rohingya Muslims. Jews are burying their humanity in the Palestinian lands. India is burying its humanity under the simplicity of Indian Muslims. America is burying its humanity under the soil of Afghanistan and the Middle East. Muslims are burying their essence of being Muslims under the tides of western culture. In nutshell, the whole world is on the brink of losing its humanity. What remains behind is only a man of fire with ill desires.
I will neither blame the west nor the east for the inflicted tragedies on humanity but I will blame the collective human conscious for its general apathetic attitude towards the continued tyranny and atrocities in the world. This attitude got architected due to super domination of his faults and flaws over his personality. That character or nature which the Holy Quraan has emphasized already so as to keep that under check got out of control and vandalized the whole world.
Modern man is manifesting such behaviour for the first time with such magnitude that he has become insensitive for others’ feelings. There is no respect for freedom, liberty and moral identity of other fellow humans. Man has become the ambassador of evil in every field by every angle. For example, modern man buried the sacred social elements of human society by implementing the immoral social system .Immorality is being projected on the name culture and sports. Man is actually trying to go through plainly according to his naked instinctual drives. Naked id of man in itself is intertwining a sort of personality which in the words of Freud is one that seeks immediate satisfaction according to the pleasure principle. The Modern man is in open illusion projected by the devil and his companions antagonistic to the view held by modern philosophy that religion is an illusion for humanity. It is the plain material instinctual drive which is not under soundcheck due to forced divorce of religion from the practical sphere of humans. In place of religion devil with his companions is at full service to the humans. Devil has made every evil pleasing to humans. That is why modern man is continuously progressing on the path of destruction. This reality has been softly quoted by the Quran in the following verses;
…and Satan made attractive to them that which they were doing.Al-An’am 6:43
And [remember] when Satan made their deeds pleasing to them and said, “No one can overcome you today from among the people, and indeed, I am your protector.” …Al-Anfal 8:48
Now man is standing there, where his progress seems for him alive consent from Allah, whatever he is doing is all right. But this is an absolute illusion for him. In this era of illusion, he has distorted every sector of life and has followed the way of Satan and his companions. In this article, we will try to analyze the stepwise process of distortion executed by a modern man specifically by the west a main companion of Satan.
Man has been declared by Allah s.w.t. as the most respected and revered creature among all creations of the universe. The reason behind his superior status is hidden in his own personality. His personality is an excellent composition of various features and peculiarities, which distinguish him from all other creatures of the world. His all rays of honour have been encapsulated in a single quantum of preserved nature i.e. fitrat e salimah. Due to his sacred preserved nature, he is naturally sensitive to all wrongdoings. Sensitivity lashes a kind of horror and regret if he approaches any evil. This feature of horror and regret acts as a kind of protection wall for his sacred personality. If this wall is breached by him then there remains nothing to save him from getting engulfed in the fire of evil. After coming out of this cage man directly comes under the influence of Freud’s id aspect of his nature, behaves just like an animal. Behaviour manifestation of this kind by humans is the main theme, on which Satan’s work is based.
In order to destroy the sensitivity, Satan attacked the man’s aspect of modesty. Being hypersensitive towards, the modesty has remained a prominent feature of all civilizations on the face of the earth. Psychologists consider this sensitivity as an important tool for the progressive development of humanness in man. This sensitivity of the man has been reduced stepwise to an extent that it is now just a word in the literature of humanity. For example, man dislikes nudity only because of three threats, one is due to his inner soul’s resentment, second due to society and the third one is due to religion. But the psychologists of the modern world have employed an active process of desensitization that is, actually, a method used to reduce the sensitivity of man. In this method of desensitization, they make a man less sensitive in a supposed case by his continuous exposure to the things of dislike ness till he feels no guilt in doing or viewing that. Any hypersensitive person in any matter is desensitized by subjecting him continuously to various practices till he is deprived of sensitivity. For example, a child who fears rabbits is made fearless of them, firstly by keeping his favourite most dish in front of an artificial rabbit which is kept behind a transparent glass veil. Now he becomes habitual of taking his meals in the presence of an artificial rabbit. After some time a real and live rabbit is kept behind the glass veil. In this way he is made habitual, then the glass veil is also removed he now touches the rabbit without any fear. This same technique of desensitization has been employed by players of modern civilization in every sector of life. Now on one side if humans are being killed and murdered their fellow humans are taking photographs of them for their own commercial purposes. We have the right to say that killing off humans now has been commercialized. The killing of innocent humanity has now grown into a full-fledged business for the murders of humanity. If children are dying due to hunger in Nigeria, media person watches this heart-wrenching scene without feeding and helping even though having food stock with them. Women are removing all their clothes and the heroes of modern civilization are awarding them. What kind of modern man is! Whatever kind of inhuman activities are being carried out today in the world, the whole of humanity has become a silent spectator. Because the whole of humanity has been desensitized, made senseless and feelingless creature.
Evil is a term encompassing in its meaning every kind of thought, word and action which is potentially harmful to the collective existence of humanity. Evil is an enemy or a factor of dislike ness to the humans but a friend and an object of serious affection to the devil.
Devil and his companion corporate sectors have commercialized and politicized every evil in its real perspective. For example; the nudity and obscenity have become a full-fledged industry having assets worth of billion dollars. Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood is a potent tool of desensitization of the masses. These are earning billions of dollars for not any service unto humanity, but for crushing the differences between man and animal. They are on the path of animalisation of humans.
The same case is with the killing of humans, it has now become routine work for the tyrannical rulers, day-to-day exercise for wicked persons and a means of income for a number of people in the world. The Killing of innocent people in Burma, India, middle east and in any other part of the world by ruling authorities has become an election manifesto. To what an extent man has gone!
Another evil being commercialized is usury and interest. Which is totally a compilation of fraud and economic tyranny being inflicted upon humanity. The whole business and economic proceedings throughout the world are being carried out with the engine of interest and usury. This unjust and exploitative gains made in trade and industry has inflicted unimaginable miseries to the poor countries of the world.
After the commercialization of evil, it was necessary to spread the net of evil all over the world. For this purpose vehicle of globalization has been used in an effective manner. The evil which once upon a time was committed in London and Newyork is now being committed in every village of Oriental world. Through the globalization, evil has now been added as an important aspect of human life. Now special courses of evil have been started. Degrees are being awarded to the students.
Media is playing an important role in the globalization of evil. Media is paving way for the evil to rule over the world. In today’s time, the main sponsorers of the evil are Jews. The world seems to head towards Jewish domination, which is parallel to the evil domination. Because the whole world today is under Jewish control indirectly through their slave west. According to the protocols of elders of Zion Jews saddled and bridled the press or media in order to make easy access to the evil to reach every part of the world. Media under the tight curb of Jews is a tray of evil just presented in front of the world. On one hand, the movement of secularization (removal of religion from the practical sphere of life)of the world and on the other hand presentation of evil through media is just reshaping the world on faulty lines. According to Samuel P. Huntington, the faulty lines will develop between the civilizations but in my view, faulty lines had developed between the evil and righthood, between Islam and other systems the world is now going to divide into two blocks; one block will be of truth and another will be of evil. Every possible effort is being made to globalize the evil and localize or exterminate the truth.
Each and every evil is now being committed in its extreme way. Evil extremism being manifested by evil extremists is a new phenomenon in this modern world. I think religion has never been at extreme in its influence through cruelty but politeness. Each and every religion teaches the love, passion and respect for humanity. Religion ceases to be a religion if it teaches hatred for humanity. It is the man who in the name of religious extremism is showing evil extremism. India is becoming the best example in this case. The everyday lynching of poor Muslims happen.
Everywhere in the world evil extremists are ruling and not the religious extremists. Religious extremism is being wrongly used by the world, the ultimate goal hidden behind this usage is to confront the truth. Evil ambassadors throughout the world are being considered as the most successful personalities, stars and leaders. Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses who are transgressing the human ethical sphere but still being projected as stars, superstars, models and ambassadors of peace, and the real peace preachers and models are being harassed, banned, arrested and persecuted ruthlessly.
On the political sphere, the more wicked and evil extremists are being projected as leaders of humanity. They are winning elections on one side thereby getting approval from this desensitized and shameless world to kill them.
The ultimate result of the above process is the multi-pronged assault on humans. Peacelessness is prevailing everywhere. I think that coronavirus pandemic is actually the sign of resentment of nature to the evil actions of man. Melting of glaciers is the tears of nature due to the cruelty of man over other fellow humans. Thundering is the wrath of nature over the silent spectators.