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The right to information act is of no use to the people

Government departments sending unnecessary articles instead of the requested details : Farid Ahmed Naik.


DODA:Officials in various government departments in Doda are constantly flouting the Right to Information Act, and are busy fooling the public to cover up their sins.

This was stated by Farid Ahmed Naik, President, DRYWA, a well-known social organization in Doda, in a statement issued to the press.

Naik said that when the employees of various departments had to be given free rein to openly flout the law, then there was no need to implement the RTI act.

This is because most people are given half-hearted and baseless details after waiting for a few months after filing petitions, which not only wastes time but also causes mental anguish to most people.

Naik further said that it was beyond his comprehension what the officials of the government department wanted to prove by making such impartial actions in the end, as there is no fear in flying.

Naik appealed to the Lieutenant Governor and the Anti-Corruption Bureau to intervene in this regard and said that curbing corrupt officials who break the law is the most important need of the hour.