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Sideeqi Naseer

As we all know that Allah has sent prophets/ messengers primarily to guide
humankind. They were humans of outstanding character that the people
could emulate and look to for direction. They were not gods, semi-gods or
saints; they were human beings charged with a difficult task. They at times
possessed exceptional characteristics and qualities because they had to face
unanticipated trials and tribulations in order to spread their message to worship
Allah Alone. In order to support His prophets Allah sometimes gave them
extraordinary power. The Arabic word for miracle is mu’jizah meaning
something unique that cannot be resisted. The miracles granted to the prophets
were not only unique, they were also pertinent and understandable to the
people to whom they were sent. When they saw a miracle they knew that it
could not have been performed by an ordinary man.
In the time of Prophet Moses magic and sorcery were very common in the land
of Egypt therefore Moses’ miracles, such as the staff turning into a serpent and
his hand glowing, appealed to the people he was sent to guide. Allah showed
many miracles from messengers like crying of tree for prophet Muhammad
(s.a.w) and the flowing of water from his fingers, special quality of Hazrat Musa
(a.s) to be able to speak to Allah on the kohi toor , the survival of Hazrat
Younus(a.s) in the body of a huge fish , the turning of fire into cold and served
as if a garden of rose for Ibrahim (a.s) and hazart esa(a.s) was blessed with a great
quality of healing the sufferers of Leprosy and to give sight to the blind by Allah’s
Will , and one of the great miracle of our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammed
( s.a.w.) was the splitting of moon into two parts( on which this article is based
)when he raise his finger toward moon.

The Holy Quran, in Sura Al-Qamar, says: ” The hour drew nigh and the moon
has been cleft asunder. And if they behold a sign they turn away and say: Prolonged
illusion. They denied (the Truth) and followed their own lusts. Yet everything will
come to a decision.” (Quran, 54:1-3).

In the various books of Hadiths, there were many narrations concerning this miracle
performed by the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).
One of them was narrated Abdullah in the book of Sahih Bukhari: “The moon was cleft
asunder while we were in the company of the Prophet, and it became two parts. The Prophet said,
‘Witness, witness (this miracle).

The spaceflight Apollo 11 and 10 of NASA has taken a picture of the moon which
clearly shows that the moon was divided into two parts in the past. This photo is
available on NASA’s official website and is still the center of research. NASA has
not yet reached any conclusion. This photo shows that the location of the Rocky
Belt was split in two .
In a TV interview with the Egyptian Geologist Dr. Zaghloul El naggar ( a Muslim scholar,
and author. The main theme of El-Naggar’s books has been science in Quran; his philosophy
of science is blended with religion. He left his academic career to become the Chairman of
committee of Scientific Notions in the Qur’an, Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Cairo,
Egypt), the anchor asked him about the verse:
“The Hour has drawn near,and the moon has been cleft asunder (the people of Makkah
requested Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] to show them a miracle, so he showed them the
splitting of the moon).” (Quran 54:1)
whether it contains any Quranic scientific astounding facts?

Dr Zaghloul answered saying that he has a story to tell about this verse.
He started explaining that at a time he delivered a lecture at Cardiff University in the West of Britain.
The attendees included both Muslims and non-Muslims. A vital dialogue was taking place around
scientific facts included in the Noble Quran. During the course of the lecture, a Muslim young man
stood asking me, Sir Do you see in the Saying of Al Haq Tabarak wa Ta`ala (Allah the Truth) may
He be Exalted – and he referred to the above mentioned verse – any indication to the scientific facts
included in the Quran? Dr. Najjar answered: No because scientific astounding discoveries are
interpreted through science whereas a miracle is something supernatural, which may not be
interpreted through the usual. The splitting of the moon is a miracle, which happened to Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) in order to prove his prophecy. Tangible miracles are only a testimony of truth
for those who witnessed it. It is only that the incident was mentioned in Quran and Prophet’s Sunnah
that made us believe other wise we Muslims of this era would have never believed in it. In addition
that we know for sure that Allah is most capable of anything. At that point Dr. Zaghloul narrated the
story of moon splitting as included in Sunnah books.

He said, Sunnah books tell that five years before the immigration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
from Mecca to Medina, a group of people from the tribe of Quraish came challenging him saying:
Oh Muhammad if you were really a Prophet and a Messenger bring to us a miracle to establish this
fact. So he asked them what do you want? They said in an effort to complicate matters for him: split
the moon for us. The Messenger of ALLAH (PBUH) stood supplicating to Allah to support him
and grant him victory in this hard situation. Allah may He be Exalted inspired him to sign towards
the moon with his finger. Immediately, the moon cleft into two parts standing far from each other for
several hours then cling back together. The pagans started claiming: Oh Muhammad (PBUH)
practiced witchcraft on us.

At this point some of the wise men explained that magic would only affect the attendees whereas it can not maintain influence on everybody in general. They waited for travelers who were coming back
from their journeys. The pagans harried up to the borders of Mecca in anticipation to meet the
travelers. When the first arrivals appeared, they asked them did you see anything extraordinary
happened to the moon? The travelers answered yes on the night (X) we saw the moon splitting into
two parts which remained asunder for sometime then reattached. Upon this statement, a number of
the group believed while the rest remained pagans. Therefore, the verse explains “The Hour has
drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder (the people of Makkah requested Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) to show them a miracle, so he showed them the splitting of the moon). * And
if they see a sign, they turn away, and say: This is continuous magic. *They belied the Verses of Allah

  • this Quran), and followed their own lusts. And every matter will be settled according to the kind of
    deeds: good deeds will take their doers to Paradise and similarly evil deeds will take their doers to
    Hell.” (Quran 54:1-3) until the end of the verses which were revealed in this regard.

Dr. Naggar continued that at this point a British Muslim young man introduced himself as Daoud
Moussa Peetcock head of the British Islamic Party. He carried on saying sir if you allow me I would
like to add on this issue? I said please do. He explained saying: At the time when I was searching in
religions (before he embraced Islam), a Muslim student gave me as a present the translation of the
meaning of Quran. I thanked him and took it home. The first Surat I came across when I opened
the book, it was Chapter of the Moon I read “has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder”.
I said to myself, is this statement logical? Is it possible for the moon to split and then reattach what
kind of power may cause this? The man explained that this verse made me reluctant to continue
reading. I became busy with my life,yet ALLAH of course Knows how sincere I was about finding
the truth.

So, one day ALLAH made me sit to watch TV. It was a talk show between a British commentator
and three American astronautics specialists. The show host was blaming the scientists for spending
thriftily over space trips at a time when earth is suffering hunger, poverty, diseases and backwardness.
He was telling them, it would have been more feasible to allocate this kind of money for
reconstruction of earth. To this argument, the three men answered defending their position that such
technology is widely applied in many wakes of life such as medicine, industry and agriculture. They
added that the money is never wasted but it rather supported the development of highly advanced

During their dialogue, they mentioned the trip in which a man landed on the moon surface as it
consumes the the largest cost which comes to more than US $ The British TV
anchor screamed saying what kind of thrift is this? A hundred thousand million dollars just to plant
the American flag on the moon surface? They answered no; the objective was not to plant the
American flag but rather to study the interior composition of the moon. We actually came to a finding
that would cost us double folds of this amount for people to believe and yet they will never believe.
The show host inquired what is this fact? They replied: One day this moon was split and then
reattached. The show host again probed: how did you realize that? The scientists responded about
finding a belt of transformed rocks cutting the moon from its surface to core and then to the surface
again. The stated saying: we consulted with earth scientists and geologists who explained that such
phenomenon would never occur unless this moon one day split and then reattached.

The British Muslim man said: I jumped out of my chair saying ALLAH (SWT) forced the Americans
to spend more than a hundred billion dollars to prove to Muslims a miracle that took place 1400
years ago for Mohamed (PBUH)? This religion must be the truth. He added: I went back to the
Quran and recited Surat Al Qamar, which was my gate for accepting Islam. The miracle of spliting
of moon was aslo witnessed by the great king of Malabar, charawati farmas who saw that the moon
was splitting into two parts and he was the first indian to embrace islam
The incident relating to King Chakrawati Farmas is documented in an old manuscript in the India Office
Library, London, which has reference number: Arabic, 2807, 152-173. It is quoted in the book
“Muhammad Rasulullah,” by M. Hamidullah:
This NASA image which I showed above in this article is one of the cracks found on the moon. We cannot
say for sure that these are the cracks that came into being due to a miracle. But we believe that something
like this must have happened to the moon after the miracle ۔However, the statements of scientists prove that
the event mentioned in the Qur’an fourteen hundred years ago is absolutely correct. This is not only a great
proof of the truth of the Holy Qur’an, but it is also a great testimony of the prophethood of hazart
mohammed ( s.a.w) .May Allah make our faith perfect and grant us the ability to carry out our deeds
according to the Qur’an and Hadith. Ameen

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