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Three Categories of good motives have been recognized by researchers: primary or Biological (hunger and food intake), stimulus-seeking (internal needs for cognitive, physical as well as emotional touch) and competent Success and achievement (For which every good individual desire). The third Component or Success option is not only better constituent for survival but to live with full dignity and majesty in this competent universe. Let us Centre it and focus a little on it.  The primary or key lesson to learn in life is we should never lose heart and give up the fight but to be a constant and consistent against the ‘give up’ option. If anyhow, In any domain of life defeat comes, it should be treated as a Victory to achieve the future and life long goal and through this triumph, we should defeat the defeat by remaining steady and stuck to our destination. One should be like an Athlete with always a focus in mind to reach the final stage. We should try to develop our minds with an energetic spirit. ‘Defeat on the field, must not be defeat in mind’. We should always try to terminate the word ‘Defeat’ from our Cranium. It is a complex disorder. One whose mind is overwhelmed by defeat develops a defeat complex, will find it very much difficult to reach a particular success or victory. We should always think our destiny like a fight in a battlefield in which the Win metamorphose to Compulsory 
Many personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Einstein, or political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi,Ali Mohammad Jinnah, Nelson Mandela, Shah Faisal, Tina Dabi or much of the eminent and gigantic scientists like Copernicus, Galeli Galileo are a blazing example for us, who never gave up when always failures come for them. They have set an instance and inspiration for us. Abraham Lincoln lost several times in electronics at different lower levels. But he constantly and ultimately succeed in becoming the President of America. The only thing behind it was, he always destined to succeed. We must remember different success stories of different tall leaders. The dream of Ali Mohammed Jinnah’s success only came true as he was destined for such  a position. His talk ‘Think one thousand times before taking a decision, once the decision you take, remain firm on it’ should be a way for every good student and every successor. We must all the time retain the lectures and attributes like; ‘If you have to find success, you should have to go through stars’ and all others.Such motivation is always helpful to us and boosts morale confidence.
‘The higher the aim, the longer and harder the period of trials’ should be the rule of the road to success. For the freedom of our country, the freedom fighters had to fight, over centuries. Nelson Mandela had to remain behind the jail for about 27 years to achieve his destination. Can’t we design our inspiration from a little burning candle which continues to burn to afloat darkness till the dawn of bright light. Inspiring leadership or success comes not just from decision making and strategy, it also comes from risk-taking, being stuck behind the cause, often when we’re driven by a higher cause, deep care for others or a complete conviction that you’re acting for the greater good success. Shifting thought to some great successful giants makes our way of the journey more curious and fruitful. 
Malala Yusuf Zae, The name always makes an impression on good mind. She became a vocal supporter of female education when a Taliban gunman shot her. She survived, and the attack provoked worldwide outrage, In Pakistan, it led to the ratification of the Right to Education Bill. Since her recovery, Malala became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, addressed the UN, met world leaders, and founded the non-profit Malala Fund.Rosa Parks (American  Civil Rights Activist) refused to give up her seat in the ‘coloured section’ of a bus to a white passenger when ordered to do so by the driver. Her ‘non’ action lead her arrest, she lost her job and received continuous death threats for many years. However, her action became a powerful symbol of the modern civil rights movement and Rosa became an international icon. She went on to organize and collaborate with civil rights leaders, wrote an autobiography, that was famously and popularly read and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal, got the name in United States Congress as ‘the first lady of human rights’.Another legend King Martin Luther was the most prominent leader in the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s until his assassination in 1968. He modelled his strategy of civil disobedience and non-violence on the successes of Mahatma Gandhi and received the Nobel Peace Prize.Such boost revives a good mind to explore and go through things deeply. The person, who believes in doing his duty and is making efforts, never feels dejected or failed. Gandhi Ji’s message for everyone that ”one person on the path of truth and resilience can never be defeated, because he gets purified through his trials” that shows the real motivation of Gandhi Ji’s success. One should always go through such material, good books, good writings, good interviews of good and successful personalities to rose motivation and to check and counter the loopholes, phobia’s and cracks which we have created in our mind, that can pave for us, an easy way to success. We should always try and clear our brain to take off such stuff that can cruise us or harm us. 


The author is a Columnist, freelancer and Student of SSM College of Engineering and Technology and can be mailed at [email protected]