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Wake Up Kupwara Administration; Electricity is nowhere

Will people cry for corona or Frequent power cuts

Kamran Ashraf Bhat
Editorial| Joint Editor

Name every village from Kupwara headquarters up to outskirts, every village is under real power failure. Everyone is asking one simple question on social media, Is anyone listening or asking explanation from PDD authorities?
Answer; No, the eyes have been closed and corona has also infected our PDD choking its power lines and lungs ( supply Headquarters).

This is not some classical poor administration; it is a reflection of how Administration is far from its own existence.

Reading posts and news articles every day on power cuts in Kupwara, netizens you must be thinking it should be frustrating for administration; no savvy public your projection is downplayed. No body is hearing you, the dockets are full for them in the times of coronavirus.

What they do all the day ‘ Announcements’ with easy words like ‘ Stay home otherwise the police will make you stay ‘.
The public will stay home when you will do something to make houses to be like homes.
Such is the high-handedness of Kupwara administration, which often lacks obligation for their responsibility. Villages adjacent to Kupwara headquarters like Tikker, Batergam, Gulgam, Awora, Hirri, Ghushi mughalpora, bohipora, lolab, Trehgam, Kralpora; are continuously and frequently facing unbearable power cuts in this prevailing Coronavirus situation. The life in common houses is stuck between the corona and power cuts and they can’t even take to roads like always.
A favourable situation for administration, no complaint from the public, no protest, no blockade of highways what else they would want, Corona has not left any stone unturned to shut holes on faces of the public. Accountability has left it’s place and is wandering streets of no man’s land.
The public won’t realise your efforts until and unless you take daily necessities and fight against Coronavirus alongside. If one of its pillars is in shambles the other will follow likewise.

Kamran Ashraf Bhat is Joint Editor of daily Inside Kashmir and it’s OP-ED section .He also Special Secretary of  President of  Jammu and Kashmir journalists Union

Note : The Op-Ed pages feature opinion pieces written by outside contributors and IK’s own team of columnists and Editorial board members .