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Walking away- the unfinished part of me

A young writer who hails from frontier district kupwara jammu and Kashmir has recently published his debut novel “ walking away -the unfinished part of me” .

Aamir altaf is a graduate from Aligarh Muslim university .He is a freelancer , poet , story teller and his works on public policy, current issues has been published in various newspapers and magazines. He has a dream to make big in the society and change the course of history. His book was released few days back by starlet publishing house Mumbai and is available on various online stores like Amazon , Amazon Kindle , Flipkart , Bookcamel etc and it will soon be available offline as well.The book walking away- the unfinished part of me is a story that is based on love , sacrifice and long distance relationship.

It tells us about how our society is dysfunctional and how our cultural encourage us to be emotionless. It tells us about how our youth constantly looking for something deep and intimate without looking for the risks and advise young girls don’t just give your heart to any guy, give it to someone who reaches for your hand during a prolonged moment of silence, just to remind you they are still by your side. Give your heart to a man who pulls you close after a fight instead of pushing you away.

Give it to a man who doesn’t make you doubt yourself or cause you to feel guilty for something you didn’t do. Give your heart to someone who’ll confront you throughout periods of insecurity, when you are feeling inadequate or lost. Someone who continuously reminds you of your worth. This story depicts the life of a student ,how he struggled in this turmoil region what predicaments he faced during his student life.