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Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Education is the weapon of strong. They don’t believe in weapons. They only believe in systematic process of learning that they call education. It is the hallmark of those societies that have a definite goal to look at. They use every possible way to achieve this goal. They don’t stop until they have achieved it. Apart from the above lines, education gives monetary benefit. The teachers are paid for their services. They strain every nerve to produce those brains that can take a society to the heights of civilization. But the damage is done when the sole purpose of education becomes money. Every student learns in order to earn money and money. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to expect something good from these people. They never learn humility during the years of studying and are found without humility after they pass out from some institutions. We have same condition here. We are money hungry. Education like other enterprises, has become a money minting process. How have we reached here? What are the conditions responsible for it?
First is that our educational system is full of loopholes. The main motive of education is to earn money. It has no concern with the development of personalities. Students only learn to have some pieces of degrees. This will pave the way for getting a job, which eventually means money . In this situation, the teachers take their students as the source of money. They have no other concern at all. This destroys nations.
Second is that our lives only mean materialism. For this, we can use any method. The method can be legal as well as illegal. In this situation, education loses its value. Morality is the main concern of education. When morality is trampled upon deliberately, there remains nothing to care for. How can the teachers of this society teach other than to get material gains?
Third is that we have no concern for the future at all. Government, teachers and the society want to take as much as benefit they can. They consider the students the source of money. They don’t look above these things.
Fourth is that we lose our identity in comparison to others. If, for example, any country or state follow its fancies, we without any deliberation, follow it and lose our identity. If their aim is money, we also switch to make it our destiny.
It is about the causes that has made us to reach this situation. But is there any way out from this mess? It is said that for a problem, there is a solution. So, what the way is for us to follow. In the following lines, I will throw some light over the remedial measures.
The first way is to overhaul the educational system. Learning should be the first priority. Money should follow the suit. There should be education that can make a person as well as provide money for the stakeholders.
The second remedy to be followed is that there should not be overemphasis on materialism. Fulfilling basic needs is necessity. Craving for more and more can prove disastrous. It also fits in education. It should be taught to the children that education is above money. It means that it is true that educators should be compensated but they should not make it only aim. They should focus more on education. They should not only crave for money.
The third remedial measure is that we should have a definite goal to look out for. Wandering aimlessly will not help our cause. Having a definite goal of achieving the truest success and straining every nerve for this, will make our society prosperous in the real sense. Government should also think that they have to inculcate the craving for learning; rather than for money.
The fourth remedial measure is that we should not follow others blindly. If our main motive is to develop the personalities of the people in the world, we must strive for this. We can’t forget ourselves in this regard and jump into the fray without knowing anything about the process.
In short, education should rise above the sole concern of earning money. It should, apart from money, should look out for other virtues. Students will pay the teachers for their work but it doesn’t mean that they should be taken for granted. So, let us hope that the future will bring new hope in this regard.

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