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When will rich cease to be rich?

Author : Wani Naseer

Though the notion “Raja ka beta Raja banega” isn’t a norm now but this hasn’t produced any tangible changes in favour of the lower class & that it hasn’t completely vanished either. If you have all the attributes & the ingredients to be a good successful Social/professional being but you lack material wealth, more often than not you won’t reach the deserved/desired goal. Now is money such an important factor in Education & Success? Let you answer this question by yourself. It has been well said, not only wealth is imposed tax upon but poverty also self imposes tax on you. You don’t have the money to clean your teeth, next year you have to go for root canal. You don’t have money to treat your headache, be ready to treat tumour years after. Not having the money for safe sex, get a child & rear him all the way through. This society is made for the rich-favouring & all the institutions are driven by them according to their wish.
You study in a government school, your curriculum is set up by the hyperclass. As an example, they set your focus & mental level to feeble thing like doing adding, subtraction, division & multiplication upto 7th Class while as their silver spoon toddlers being in the private educational institutions are doing algebra, logarithm, polynomial operations at the same level. When both reach the 10th Standard, they have to compete in the same channel. Do you think it is justified? The poor man’s kid in government school & the elite kid in private shool with so much gradient in the making, is it even near to justice to even compare them at any level of the life.But unfortunately they have to face off in the Higher Education admissions & employment. A poor kid will remember & expertise himself in all the aspects he is taught taught in his school but he hardly finds those in the practical world, for him “the things taught in school doesn’t exist”. On the other hand, the aspects, culture, attitude, skill etc taught in Elite Educational institutions are also imaginary to them, they don’t have an iota of the idea about it. They are “doubly deprived” & then they are have to live in the “Cultural industry” produced by such high class institutions and hence they prove to be the “Failures”. The same hyperclass which set your curriculum in to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will set your question paper to get the job in government/private sector & they will never remember your curriculum then which unfortunately was set by them as well. This yardstick doesn’t test what it is supposed to test, it has alot of fallacies & lacks the “Face Validity” & this standard is as old as the first man on earth, this doesn’t seem to be challenged or changed. Do you find any relevance between the learnt & examined thing? 
Government should frame & strictly enforce the Uniform Syllabus/Curriculum across the nation so that the poor kids can get a chance to prove their worth. Otherwise government doesn’t make them, they break & Bury them with all the heaps of shit which they call syllabus & exist nowhere in the Society. Government is disabling or handicapping the abilities of the ignited minds by their poor policies, plans and management. They teach Students to climb all the life & when they need to earn a bread, their swimming is tested which is only taught in the private institutions. This is what Frank Parkin has called the “Closure principle”.  The access to the real life things is restricted to few upper classes only. The poor kid has to count the stars & the rich one lives on them.
If this trivial thing isn’t challenged/overthrown/modified then these “RICH MEN WILL NEVER CEASE TO BE RICH”. 
Note: By Rich I mean the members/men of Pressure Groups not the salaried employees. The Pressure groups are the keys & the top class salaried governing are just their toys.

(Author is doing Master of sociology currently working in the department of ICPS).