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When will Tabinda Gani get justice?

By| Owais Ahmad Shah

This year will mark the 14th death anniversary of Tabinda Gani, an 8th class student who was brutally gang-raped & murdered while returning to home on the fateful day of 20th July 2007. Her brilliance in academics had swept everyone along & family had great expectations in her for the future. She was a would-be doctor who always topped her exams at Uqab Public School in Langate.The case has gone through a massive trail which came to end in the year 2015 after District Sessions Judge Kupwara awarded death sentence to all four convicted in the heinous crime.

Since 2015, the case is fought in High Court Srinagar & the bereaved family is waiting for the day when their daughter will get justice. In New Delhi,Nirbhaya gang rape & murder of 2012 has been done on Fastrack basis & the convicted have been hanged in the year 2020 after 8 years. The irony here in Kashmir is that Tabinda Gani case has met with the inertia of court.It’s imperative that the hanging of 4 culprits in the heinous crime of Tabinda Gani takes place as early as possible so that tomorrow of our daughter’s, sister’s will be best & none will dare to commit such a heinous crime.

In New Delhi, the hanging of 4 culprits set a benchmark for other crimes & made it possible that Justice is done. The pharmacist to be a girl was gang-raped on a bus in the month of December 2012. It led to massive outrage & people across the country took to street’s, Police left no stone unturned to levy law heavily upon the criminals. The case went through the maze of the judiciary but at the end, the dawn of Justice broke & Nirbhaya got Justice. 

As this year will mark the 14th death anniversary of Tabinda Gani in Kashmir, I hope High court will put an end to the appeal placed by the 4 convicted. A strong message should be sent home that girls can live a life full of dignity & honour. There is a hope for the family & for the people at large that the dawn of justice will break the darkness of crimes like Tabinda.