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Why has lying become a normal thing in young adults?

By | Umair Malik

We do declare lying as a serious offence, and no doubt it is counted among bigger sins, but we don’t look into what has made lying so common though despised by all. Young adults are getting so involved in lying to others, especially to their parents and relatives, that it has now become hard for them to escape from such an unwanted trait. 

Though they should resist from getting involved into such an evil practice, but there are some unthought reasons/forces which push these youngsters to become liars.

Most of the times youngsters lie to their parents because they think narrating the truth will result into denial from them. This usually happens when every time requests from these youngsters get turned down from their parents i.e. when parents are more strict than the strictness their wards can handle. When your requests get disapproved all the time, you are bound to break the rules.  Strictness can’t do what humbleness can. Humbleness reaps truthfulness and obedience while the conventional strictness reaps dishonesty and disobedience. When strictness surpasses the bearing capacity of an individual, disobedience with a touch of lies rules within a family. 

Oftentimes, youngsters think that their parents will get disappointed if they reveal the truth. Here, they should know that it is better to get disappointed with a harsh truth than deceived with a soothing lie. 

In some cases, youngsters lie because of the fear of getting punished by their parents on telling the truth. This usually happens when parents are hooked to bashing or punishing at every minutest mistakes rather than humbly correcting them.  This besides making them liars also disturbs their mental peace- such youngsters get easily annoyed and angry even at some simple issues. How you treat your children shapes how they think, feel, behave and interact with others in future, as young adults. 

Sometimes, enormous workload from the parents and the relatives also contributes to it. Most of the youngsters can’t deny the requests from their elders so they make promises to fulfil their requests which remain unfulfilled. Here, the youngsters should say no to extra work which can’t be done by them on time. You need to directly convince your elders that it won’t be possible for you to do it instead of making fake promises which cannot be fulfilled. 

When there is a communication gap within a family where youngsters are not open to their parents, lies rule in such a family. The quality of life, a family life in particular, depends as much as anything on the quality of communication. 

An advise to the youngsters is that lying may seem simple at the moment to do away with the situation you are in but it turns out to be more troublesome with time. 

And an advise to the elders is that you do not have to go at youngsters for even the minutest things as it creates a big gap between two individuals which gives rise to communication barriers that further promotes lies to rule.