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within 25-30 minutes and the patient can be discharged either same or next day. The procedure is highly effective without any significant serious side effects.

The Gastric Balloon is placed in the stomach for 6-12 months and removed endoscopically thereafter. For the removal, catheter attached to the balloon is pulled out, and balloon is deflated, grasped and removed through the mouth.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

ESG is new endoscopic technique effective in controlling the body weight where the stomach size is reduced. It is a procedure which is performed under anaesthesia, and does not require skin incision. A scope is passed down the throat in the stomach, and sutures are applied which reduces the size of the stomach and limits the food intake.

After the procedure, the patients gets early satiety due to reduced stomach size, leading to lesser calorie intake, and effective weight loss. This process has resulted in a positive effect on the patients by controlling the comorbid conditions, and loosing the extra body weight.

This procedure is not only minimally invasive, but highly safe and effective also for weight reduction. Usually the patient requires admission for 48 hours, and are discharged thereafter. Large studies have established the safety and efficacy of these procedures. Expected weight loss is ~20% of total body weight leading to control and reduction in obesity related comorbidities such as Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis.

To ensure the safety and the better outcome, these endoscopic procedures should be performed on carefully selected individuals, in a centre specially equipped to take care for the obese, and in multidisciplinary setting that provides optimized post- procedure care.

With the advances in endoscopic technology, a new dimension has been effectively added in the management of obese individuals, which truly defines the goal of science.

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