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Women Empowerment, Gender Equality & Role of Women in Upliftment of Society in Kashmir;

Indian Army In Coordination with Department of Health, Kupwara & GDC Sogam, Organises One Day Seminar Cum Workshop In Gujjarpati Lolab

Noor Ul Hassan Andrabi

Kupwara: In order to celebrate Int’l Women’s Day, the Rastriya Rifles Battalion stationed at Zorawar Garrison, Gujjarpatti-Lolab under the aegis of Charkut Garrison, in coordination with Department of Health, Kupwara and Government Degree College Sogam Organises one day seminar cum workshop on the theme, ‘Women Empowerment, Gender Equality & Role of Women in Upliftment of Society in Kashmir’ to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day 2023’ at Lolab Valley.

The program was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm which was presided over by Mrs Chhaya Hajela, Chairperson of Family and Welfare Organization of the Rastriya Rifles Battalion stationed at Gujjarpatti and Co-presided by Mrs Samiksha Sagar Doifode, wife of Dr Sagar Dattatray Doifode, District Magistrate & Deputy Commissioner, Kupwara.

The session commenced with the ‘National Anthem’ and Tribute to the Contribution of Women in Development of the Society’ followed by the presentation and educational talk by eminent professors on varied topics on the subject to include doctors, subject experts and scholar students from Government Degree College, Sogam on ‘Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Girls’ Education, Family Planning, Reproductive and Sexual Health, Measures for Reducing Child Marriages & Role of Women in Upliftment of Society in Kashmir.

The first of it’s kind seminar cum workshop in North Kashmir on the occasion of International Women’s Day at Lolab Valley in Kupwara district of North Kashmir was an important step towards spreading awareness about the importance of women’s empowerment and education for upliftment of the society of Kashmir, specially for the place like Kashmir where there is a huge scope of gender equality, women empowerment and women’s education as compared to other states of India.

Gender equality and empowerment of Kashmiri Women remains a top priority for the Indian Army. Indian Army is working with various agencies to find innovative solutions to help women and girls unleash their human capital and become leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of change for green, resilient, and inclusive development which is in consonance with agenda for “India’s prestigious G-20 Presidency”.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Mehbooba Bano, Head of the Department of Political Science, Government Degree College, Sogam said that, “the world is changing and women are taking up every field and making their contribution at all levels and the government has initiated several schemes for women empowerment, specially in Kashmir”,

Dr Shugupta Kazi, an professional medical expert while addressing on the eve said, on women’s health from Department of Health, Kupwara delivered an educational talk on girls education, family planning, sexual health, reducing child marriages and female child foeticide specially in context of Kashmiri society. She also mentioned that, Kashmiri society is changing today and helping country to grow. Women empowerment has a long history of women emancipation. She motivated the audience for taking positive steps towards empowering women.

Various scholar girl students to include Miss Syed Shazia, Miss Salma Jahangir and Miss Seerat Bhat also delivered a talk on ‘Role of Women in Development of Kashmir’ during the seminar cum workshop. They highlighted the success of Kashmiri women is not limited to the professional front only but also on the family front too by stressing upon gender equality and making
women more visible in the crowded and noisy society of Kashmir.

Mrs Samiksha Sagar Doifode, who is a well known coordinator of NGOs working towards gentle cause of women empowerment spoke about respecting women in all spheres of life. She reiterated that we should never differentiate between Men and Women. She mentioned about the several complex aspects of womanhood and their course of journey lucidly in an easy-to-understand manner by giving day to day examples from daily life. She opined on the fact that, the nation, specially Kashmir today considers women as the engine of growth and believes in being committed to the rise of women nationally and globally.

Huge gathering, more than five hundred women and girls from all sections of the society to include women PRIs including Nageena Begum, BDC member Sogam, lady teachers from various schools & colleges from Lolab Valley, ASHA workers & volunteers from various government departments and girl students from various schools attended the seminar and contributed their thoughts on the occasion during interaction with guest speakers.

The event got culminated with the positive note, “Here is More Work to Do, so, Together, Let us Accelerate Gender Equality and Empowerment today for a More Sustainable Tomorrow”.