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ZEO Chamkote; ensuring online and Offline classes for students

Shafqat Qazi


To continue the studies of the students, the newly appointed Zonal Education Officer, education Zone Chamkot, Khurshid Iqbal is mobilising the teachers and encouraging them to give online and offline classes. 
This move is appreciated by the parents and local community as the concerned ZEO personally monitors the assignments and study material. 

Ironically,there are various villages in Chamkote zone without internet access Viz; Teetwal,Kadhama,Seemari, Paghwan, Dringla Amroyee, Sudhpora. The ZEO is making sure that ,students get online as well as offline study material, to which he visits the students along with the ZRP/CRPs.

“This is remarkable. I saw first time any officer with such dedication. He visits even students to check whether they are  getting study material and assignments”, said a senior teacher The local bodies, parents and VECs have immensely welcomed the role of ZEO and the resource group for working day and night to engage the pupils in lockdown.Talking to this reporter, ZEO Khurshid Iqbal said,”If schools are reopened I will personally visit door to door along with the resource group to motivate students and parents to enhance the enrollment of government schools in far off villages”. He further assured that there will be no compromise on accademic upliftment of school children at any cost whether the circumstances favour or not and hoped that he will achieve his goal.