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Government orders for houseboat possesses to pay electric bills

Government orders another diabolic order for Houseboat possesers to pay electric bills which is already extremity of tribulation due to decline of tourists thereby causing massive financial loss to community
Yaqoob Dunoo
Spokesperson, Kashmir Houseboat Owners Association
نہ گھبراؤ جوش طوفانوں سے خدا پہ چھوڈ دو کشتی
پہنچ جائے گی منزل پہ اگر قسمت میں ساحل ہو

Houseboats which are lucrative part has been facing a great decline in Kashmir since August 5, 2019 . Once lucrative part was at its peak but due to decline of tourists has changed the topography of industry badly.

Unfortunately five houseboats sunk one after another causing mayhem among possesers of Houseboats. While association requested concerned department for financial help for the victims but all in vain .

Due to decline of tourists these victims are not in position to afford expenditure required for caulking . Inliue of massive financial loss to houseboat owners since aborgation of Article 370 , there is a decline of tourism bussiness of house boat industry thereby causing stress and strain among posseser of houseboat owners. Pertinently ,the houseboat though wooden fragile structure requires renovation but due to decline of tourists caused massive financial loss to community. On one hand the houseboat owners are not in a position to renovate their houseboats due to financial crunch and on the other hand the Government has ordered to pay electric bills with in week time .

Due to pandemic there was complete decline of toursim business especially for houseboat industry ,the electricity consumption remained unused. Inspite of it ,the electricity department is continuously communicating them to pay huge amount of electricity bills thereby causing stress and strain leading to deep anxiety and resentment among the victimised houseboat owners who are compelled to pay the bills inspite of tourism decline since August 5 ,2019.

The spokesperson of houseboat association request the Honorable Lt.Governor of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to direct the forest department to make available the timber on subsided rates so that the owners of houseboats will repair their houseboats which has been affected badly and due to which houseboat structures loses its grandeur which may cause any big tragedy in near by future . The spokesperson of houseboat possesers hope that Honorable LG of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir will personally intervene to remit the electricity bills which the houseboat owners has not used Since August 5, 2019 to solve their burning issue to save the heritage industry from losing its glamour and grandeour.