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VIRUS OF Hate and Discrimination

Dar Azhar

Soon after the WHO declared the catastrophic disease COVID-19 as  Pandemic, most of the countries including India enforced the unprecedented lockdown to Ameliorate in the safety of people and stifle the spread of the virus. It was by virtue of the right time decision by the prime minister of India, to impose nationwide lockdown to make a serious impediment on the Pandemic cases, which still are far less in number as compared to developed countries like US, Italy and France, where the death toll reaches to 800+ in every 24 hours. 

During the 21 days lockdown, all markets, malls were thoroughly shut and no movement of people was seen except some grocery vendors were ordered to remain open. But unfortunately, after the Tablighi jamaat congregation at Nizamuddin, in the metropolitan capital of India, there was a drastic increase in a number of COVID-19 cases in India. Soon after the very unintentional results of the incident of Tablighi jamaat, the image of Muslims got misrepresented in media, where Muslim preachers are being invited in debates and get them ridiculed, had developed a wrong image in the minds of other people, particularly in people belonging to Hindu religion. There came a number of cases where Muslims were seen beaten Ruthlessly by Hindus, but the debate on Tv broadcasts still remained to target Muslim community to get more TRPs, as the majority of the population in India is of Hindus.

 Instead of making people aware to take preventive measures to combat COVID-19, they are developing the virus of hatred and discrimination among people. 

From one side measures are being taken by the govt. to halt the spread of Pandemic COVID-19, but simultaneously from the other side new measures are being taken by media to develop another virus of hatred among Hindus and Muslims, which can otherwise become more dangerous than Pandemic COVID-19, if not stopped efficiently.

Today after the successful lockdown of 21 days, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi extended the lockdown till May 3 and urged the people of his country to follow his instructions for a new roadmap of lockdown, to get rid of this virus. But unfortunately, the PM didn’t speak anything about the hatred against Muslims who are being beaten brutally. He urged people to follow seven steps which he mentioned in his speech during national broadcast while addressing the nation. It was a kind of responsibility to the PM Modi, to mention and clear the misrepresentation of Muslims among people highlighted through media, which could have brought peace and harmony among different sectors of people. 

(Author is Journalism student )